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Updated on May 21, 2022 at 02:15 AM

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The last update of May 21, 2022 has 70 clues, all of which are answered below.

May 21, 2022 Answers

Rolls dough, perhaps?
Roll an ill-timed seven, with "out"
It's all black and white
Veg out
Che Guevara, when he wrote "The Motorcycle Diaries"
Private org. involved in the most Supreme Court cases
Some Yamaha products
Settled down
Selena's "Baila ___ Cumbia"
Zoo heavyweight
Didn't play, say
What a duck might be
Actor Levy
Climb the social ladder, in a way
It nowadays offers streaming recommendations
Common pharmacy orders
Purchase at a pro shop
Barbecue coating
Spanish diminutive suffix
Schedule with little room for spontaneity
Go back
___ Gabler, Ibsen title character
Kind of sheet
Catherine, e.g., in "Jules et Jim"
NyQuil shelfmate
Doles out
___ rage
Ventriloquist's prop, maybe
Makes clearly understood
Editor's overruling
Like some cookie cutters
They can lead to long sentences
Nipple ring?
Website with the slogan "Dive into anything"
Put forward
Isn't oneself?
"Yeah, that's right!"
Admin on 3-Down, e.g.
Barely make do, with "by"
Michelangelo, e.g.
Word before and after "à"
Look bad together
Many a Rolling Stone cover subject
At the end of the day
What some invitees bring to parties
"___ me!"
Opposite of dewy-eyed
Lord's Prayer possessive
Antioxidant drink brand
Luxury attire for white-tie events
Feature of many a military obstacle course
Lightly roast
Devotees of Team Edward and Team Jacob, in fandom slang
Positive impression
"Sounds like a good time!"
"There's an ___ for that"
___ Minella (monkey Muppet)
Genre for the All-American Rejects
Rude refusal
Accomplished, old-style
Early software version
Results of some successful defenses
Long of "The Best Man"
Save for later, in a way


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